The theme of the conference will be “Precision Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer”.  We need to be more precise in everything we measure and everything we do. Not only will this help inform future clinical strategies, but it will allow us to glean greater meaning from research efforts focused on understanding the underlying molecular pathology of pancreatic cancer.

This conference will provide a common platform for all clinicians and researchers involved in pancreatic cancer to interact and share the latest information and developments and to promote the highest standards of basic and clinical research, education and training, disease prevention, treatment, and patient care at a multi-disciplinary level.

It will include oral sessions on:

  • IPMN/Ampullary Cancer

  • Emerging ‘omic analysis of Pancreatic Cancer

  • Biology and Model Systems

  • Early intervention and surgery

  • Oncology update

  • Surgery update

  • Improving precision for Pancreatic Cancer discussion session

  • Active Clinical Trials

  • Patient impact

  • Advancing precision medicine

In addition there will be poster sessions, with a small number of outstanding abstracts chosen for brief oral presentations.